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    thefilmarchive.org DVD: www.amazon.com January 15, 1964 Some old love letters from Jethro lead a mountain man and his daughter to Beverly Hills. Muriel Landers (October 27, 1921 — February 19, 1977) was an American actress, singer and dancer. She made over 30 film and television appearances between 1950 and 1971. Modern viewers will recognize Landers as Joe Besser’s sister “Tiny” in the Three Stooges film Sweet and Hot. In this episode, Landers sang “Let’s Fall in Love”, revealing a strong and sultry singing voice.” Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, Landers made television appearances on such shows as Lidsville, Hogan’s Heroes, The Jack Benny Show, The Red Skelton Show and The Beverly Hillbillies. Landers also made a memorable appearance in The Twilight Zone episode “A Piano in the House”, playing Marge Moore, an overweight woman who is forced to reveal her inner sadness about feeling unloved and unwanted because of her girth. And in the 1970s she played MOMMY HOODOO in the Sid and Marty Kroft production of Lidsville. Landers suffered from hypertension and diabetes in the final years of her life. She died of a stroke on February 19, 1977, and is interred at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Los Angeles, California. Peter Whitney, (May 24, 1916 — March 30, 1972) was an American actor in film and television. Born as Peter King Engle in Long Branch, New Jersey, Whitney’s corpulent, heavy build qualified him to play villains in many Hollywood movies in the 1940s and 1950s. From the

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    The Microlife BP W100 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is the first wrist blood pressure device to receive a A/A rating from the British Hypertension Society. This device is an excellent product for measuring your blood pressure at home and comes complete with a storage case, batteries and patient diary for recording your readings.

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    sorry for the video quality.hope you like it and hope it will be helpful.please comment and rate!

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  • In this video Swami Ramdev talks about the benefits of Yoga & intake of certain food and how it can help cure thousands of diseases for which there are no cures available so far by the medical sciences including Allopathic and Ayurvedic. Baba Ramdev Ji talks the benefits of the different Yoga techniques while visually teaching the different kind of Yoga/Pranayam techniques like Kapalbhati, Anulom Vilom and Bhramri Pranayama. Millions of people have benefited from several minor diseases like Migraine, Constipation, Obesity, Wieght Loss, Head Aches, Body Aches, Hypertension, Cholestrol, High Blood Pressure, Arthritis, Acne and several kinds of Allergies as well as major diseases like Infertility, Cancer, Aids, Hepatitis, Parkinsons, Cardio Vescular, several kinds of Heart Diseases, Tumors of all kins etc were all cured just by following simple Pranayam techniques. Checkout www.YogaCampHouston.com to find details about his Camp in Houston, Texas in July 2008 as well as his other scheduled camps throughout the world. The site also provides links to other websites that provide more detailed information about Swami Ramdev.

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    Martha’s struggle to cope in the wake of the assault takes a horrifying twist. Dan is haunted by his secret past.

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    Maria Cuomo Cole: Bringing Our Soldiers Home Includes Ensuring They Have a Home
    Considering President Obama’s pledge to return 33,000 troops by the end of the year, there is cause for concern regarding the quality of civilian life many veterans will experience.

    Read more on The Huffington Post

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    Hello. It was my first day back at school and I was sent home for wearing a black jumper. Even though this happened last term and I ended up having a panic attack because of the level of anxiety and stress they caused me. For those of you who don’t know why I can’t wear the uniform, it’s because the style and material are intolerable to me, so they let me wear a plain black jumper, but then at the end of last term decided I couldn’t wear it anymore. Which obviously caused huge problems because I was used to it and it was part of my routine, and it was my comfort zone for school. But because I had such a bad panic attack last time they did this, I was a bit anxious to go back, so my attendance last term was really poor. But I got there today and wasn’t uncomfortable at all, but as soon as I got through the gates, I was stopped and sent home. My Asperger’s Forum: www.aspergic.com Please join! Willow xx

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  • Learn how to measure your blood pressure at home using a blood pressure monitor.

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    Martha’s struggle to cope in the wake of the assault takes a horrifying twist. Dan is haunted by his secret past.

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